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  Scientific Advisory Board

  • L. Michael Glodè, M.D. - SAB Chairman
Dr. Glodè is the Robert Rifkin Professor for prostate cancer research at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. He has focused his clinical career on prostate cancer. He was the founding editor of ASCO OnLine, the official website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and has also been recognized by the American Association of Cancer Research for initiation of a molecular biology course for clinical oncologists held each year in Aspen. He has authored more than 100 articles and book chapters.
  • James Benedict, Ph.D.
Dr. Benedict is currently Vice President Research & Development at Cerapedics, Inc., a bone implant technology company located in Denver.  Prior to Cerapedics, Jim was a key team member at Proctor & Gamble during the prime of bone health R&D there and was instrumental in the discovery and development of compounds that are now among the biggest selling bisphosphonate drugs in the field today, including the osteoporosis drug Actonel®.
  • Nebojsa Janjic, Ph.D.
Dr. Janjic is the Chief Scientific Officer at SomaLogic, Inc. Prior to joining SomaLogic, Dr. Janjic was the CSO at Replidyne, Inc. in Louisville, Colorado, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of new small-molecule antibacterial agents.Prior to joining Replidyne, Dr. Janjic was Senior Director, Drug Discovery, at NeXstar Pharmaceuticals in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Janjic joined NeXstar in its formative stages and participated in its development to a publicly-traded biotechnology company valued in excess of $500 million. At NeXstar, Dr. Janjic was responsible for creating a pipeline of aptamer-based drug candidates for pre-clinical and clinical development. His contributions included the discovery and early development of Macugen, the first-in-class FDA-approved treatment for macular degeneration and named Innovative Pharmaceutical Product of the Year in 2005. Dr. Janjic's duties also included technology transfer to major corporate partners and linking of discovery research efforts with business development activities. Dr. Janjic is an author of 30 original research papers and an inventor on 10 issued patents. Dr. Janjic received his B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Washington in Seattle and completed his postdoctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla as a Cancer Research Institute Fellow. 
  • Michael T. McDermott, M.D.
Dr. McDermott joined the University of Colorado Endocrinology Division in 1997 as Director of the Clinical Endocrinology Practice.  Prior to this prestigious appointment, he spent 20 years in the U.S. Army serving as a general endocrinologist and later as the Chief of the Endocrine Service and Endocrine Fellowship program at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and as the Endocrine consultant to the Surgeon General.  His clinical research interests include the pathophysiology and treatment of osteoporosis and related metabolic diseases and the pathophysiology of diseases of the thyroid gland. His basic research interests involved studying the molecular events underlying the development of thyroid and pituitary tumors.
  • Douglas H.Thamm V.M.D., DACVIM (oncology)
Dr. Thamm is an Associate Professor and Barbara Cox Anthony Chair in Oncology, Director of Clinical Research Flint Animal Cancer Center at the Colorado State University. He is the author of over 25 peer-reviewed publications, 10 book chapters and 60 research abstracts in the field of veterinary oncology and cancer research. His clinical interests include novel targeted, cytotoxic and biotherapies for animal cancer and the translational application of these therapies to human oncology. .
  • Daniel Von-Hoff, M.D.
Dr. Von Hoff is one of the world’s most experienced and respected clinical oncologists and oncology drug developers, having conducted national clinical trials with more than 200 new antineoplastic and biologic agents (more than any other investigator). Dr. Von Hoff has served as Director of the Arizona Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine at The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, the President of the American Association for Cancer Research, and a Member of the Board of Scientific Advisors of the National Cancer Institute. He has served on the FDA’s Oncology Advisory Committee and the board of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Von Hoff was appointed to President Bush’s National Cancer Advisory Board in June 2004 through March 2010. He is a founder of ILEX Oncology, Inc. (acquired by Genzyme). He is founder and the Editor Emeritus of Investigational New Drugs; The Journal of New Anticancer Agents; and, Editor-in-Chief of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Dr. Von Hoff has published more than 500 papers, and 129 book chapters.

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