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January 2020 MBC Pharma, Inc. initiates a clinical trial of GEM-IB in combination with docetaxel in dogs with spontaneous osteosarcoma.
July 15-17, 2019 MBC Pharma Inc. presents Phase I MBC-11 clinical results with PK and 2nd generation lead compound GEM-IB in vivo efficacy at the Bisphosphonates 2019: celebrating 50 years meeting in Sheffield, UK (poster presentation)
March 2019 MBC Pharma Inc. publishes results of MBC-11 Phase I clinical trial demonstrating first-in-class human proof of concept in patients with metastatic bone disease.
September 20, 2017 MBC Pharma Inc. Awarded a SBIR Phase II Grant to Further Develop a Novel
Bone-Targeted Combination Treatment for Osteosarcoma (read more)
August 16, 2017 MBC Pharma, Inc. awarded an SBIR Phase I grant to investigate novel compounds against osteomyelitis (read more)
October 27, 2014 MBC Pharma and Osteros Biomedica announce initiation of Phase 1 clinical trial of MBC-11 in patients with cancer induced bone disease (read more)
September 19, 2012 MBC Pharma and Maxwell Biotech Group partner to clinically develop a new anti-tumor drug candidate MBC-11 targeting metastatic bone disease (read more)
May 25, 2012 MBC Pharma, Inc. wins a legal battle against Cedarburg Hauser Pharmaceuticals (read more)

  Key Publications
  1. Farrell, K.B., Zinnen, S.P., Thamm, D.H., Karpeisky, A. (2021) Gemcitabine-Ibandronate Conjugate Enables the Bone-Targeted Combination Therapy in Bone Cancer: Synthesis and Efficacy in Combination with Docetaxel. Bioconjug. Chem., 32, 12, 2530-2539 PubMed PMID: 34779607; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC9773925.
  2. Zinnen, S.P., Karpeisky, A., Von Hoff, D.D., Plekhova, L., Alexandrov, A. (2019) First-in-Human Phase I Study of MBC-11, a Novel Bone-Targeted Cytarabine-Etidronate Conjugate in Patients with Cancer-Induced Bone Disease. Oncologist, 24 3, 303-e102 PubMed PMID: 30413669; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6519757.
  3. Farrell, K.B., Karpeisky, A., Thamm, D.H., Zinnen, S. (2018) Bisphosphonate conjugation for bone specific drug targeting Bone Rep., 9 , 47-60 PubMed PMID: 29992180; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6037665.
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